ALTITUDE AIR states its safety policy to have minimum number of accidents, incidents and occurrences.

ALTITUDE AIR affirms the full implementation of the its Safety Management System manual including the rules, regulations, requirements, directives, notices, circulars, directives of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal(CAAN)/ European Aviation Safety Agency(EASA)/Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) by promoting the safety reporting culture that encourages the non-punitive reporting system so that the potential safety hazards can be mitigated at the earliest stage. It commits to have the maximum level of safety.

All possible financial and human resources will be put in the direction towards achieving the safety objectives to acceptable level of safety in the organization. The safety objectives will be reviewed periodically so that the objectives are practical and rational and within the reach of implementation.

I, on the behalf of the management, express my commitment towards the allocation of administrative and financial resources and the fulfillment of the safety goals set forth in this manual.

Mr. Nima Nuru Sherpa
Managing Director
Altitude Air Pvt. Ltd.
Date: March 2016